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The Piedmont Fire Department and your City Council members are excited to share with you reports on the production and pending delivery of the City's newest fire engine in our fleet. The production of fire engine 2841 has begun and delivery is anticipated in February of 2020. 

Old Fire Engine 2841New Fire Engine 2841

The better part of two years has passed since the first steps were taken to replace Piedmont Fire Department's oldest piece of firefighting apparatus. The current engine 2841 was purchased in 1999, served as a first out piece of equipment for 10 years, and then as a reserve piece of equipment until now. Much before the expected service life of 20 years had come to pass a committee of Piedmont firefighters, with specific interest and expertise in vehicles, pumping and firefighting equipment began preparing for a new fire engine. Keep in mind this is no small task. Fire engines are custom designed (which takes up to a year), custom built (which takes up to 6 months) and very expensive. Our City leaders have planned ahead decades in advance for this type of significant capital expense so that decisions can be made based on the needs of the community while still striving for the best economical cost. 

The Apparatus Committee

Senior Engineer Alan Grace...

has been with the PFD for 27 years and is the most experienced fire apparatus operator in the Piedmont Fire Department. Eng. Grace has been an apparatus committee member for 3 previous apparatus purchases.

Engineer Russ SanFilippo...

has been with the PFD for 18 years. Eng. SanFilippo not only brings a wealth of fire service apparatus knowledge but also boasts extensive knowledge of heavy engine operations from time as a merchant marine.

Engineer Justin Morris

has been with the PFD for 9 years. Eng. Morris has a wide range of  knowledge with industrial machinery and firefighting equipment. Eng. Morris also has significant time behind the wheel of many large agricultural vehicles while working on his family homestead in Dixon Ca. 

Lieutenant Justin McNulty...

has been with the PFD for 18 years. Not only is Lt. McNulty a leader at the PFD, he volunteers much of his free time as a member of the Cloverdale Volunteer Fire Department. Lt. McNulty has taken part in designing, preparing bids and purchasing multiple fire fighting apparatus in the past at the PFD and CVFD. 

Fire Chief Brett Black...

joined the PFD last fall and brings years of apparatus purchasing experience with him from his previous positions. Chief Black oversees the work of the committee and is the liaison with the City Council during this important undertaking.