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Sidekicks: Adaptive Programming

The Piedmont Recreation Department (PRD) is committed to the needs of the community by creating safe, fun, and inclusive programs for neurodiverse school-aged kids. Sidekicks was created in 2021 because PRD adamantly believes that recreation is for everyone. Our participants are superheroes and every superhero needs a sidekick!

We welcome a range of abilities and are dedicated to creating the whole child experience for neurodiverse kids. The Sidekicks Program comes from a place of "YES" — our staff looks forward to working with each family to determine which program is right for their child.

Classes, workshops, and summer camps are meticulously designed for neurodiverse kids. By selecting the most secure facilities, with the least amount of distractions and modifying the class pace, the environment discourages eloping and creates an enriching recreational experience that not only builds confidence but also creates connection with peers. With thoughtful considerations, all children can thrive. We take pride in taking the extra time to make children and their families feel welcome.

Sidekicks instructors are hand-selected based on either a successful history of working with neurodiverse children or a strong background in teaching with a passion for this population. Instructors go through a training program based on their background. The Sidekicks Team works closely with providers to create a successful program including selecting a safe facility, program duration, day/time selection, and maximum number of participants. 
One of the unique features that makes the Sidekicks program successful and more accessible financially is that each Sidekick program is supported by our Teen Sidekicks volunteers. We consider our Teen Sidekicks to be some of the most kind, patient, and thoughtful local teenagers. Sidekicks enjoy working with children and often form special bonds, fostering A life-long friendship. Each Teen Sidekick volunteer completes an application, is interviewed, attends a board-certified behavior training. The primary role of a Teen Sidekick is to support the instructor by helping the children stay engaged, take breaks, and make safe decisions.

All Sidekicks programs are open to both residents of Piedmont and non-residents. We currently serve children, ages 3 1/2–15 years, from around the Bay Area. By maintaining a low student-to-adult/Sidekick ratio, we ensure each child gets the attention they deserve. Ratios are typically 1:2 and the maximum participants allowed per class is 12. We welcome neurotypical siblings and friends to attend with their neurodiverse participant to any of our adaptive classes and camps (individual registration is required for all participants). Programs take place at various locations throughout the City of Piedmont.

For more information, please contact [email protected].

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