Captain MonahanCaptain Chris Monahan oversees the Operations Division of the Piedmont Police Department. The Operations Division includes:

The Operations Division of the Piedmont Police Department is tasked with providing primary policing services to the community.


Patrol is the most visible component of the Piedmont Police Department, as it delivers professional police services to those who live, work, and play in Piedmont. Four teams made up of a sergeant and three offices, supported by a dispatcher, respond to calls for service, engage in proactive policing to reduce crime, and connect and collaborate with the community they serve in non-enforcement, bridge-building ways.

Patrol personnel are also assigned to collateral assignments, such as Field Training, Traffic Enforcement, Anti-Terrorism, Bicycle Patrol, Advanced Officer Training, Reserve Coordinator, and Police Explorer Advisor.  

Traffic Enforcement

Traffic EnforcementTraffic Officers are primarily involved in the enforcement of traffic laws (Vehicle Code and Municipal Code), responding to traffic-related complaints and the investigation of vehicle collisions. Traffic Officers are police officers, usually assigned to motorcycle-based patrol. Their exceptional maneuverability with their motorcycle allows them to be of great utility in searching for suspects and getting to places quickly through traffic.

Traffic Officers are specially trained to provide additional services, such as: 

  • Speed surveys
  • Child safety seat inspections
  • Speed advisory placement
  • Collision report review
  • Collision statistical compilation and analysis
  • Traffic safety school instruction

Speed TrailerPatrol Officers also have traffic responsibilities and will take accident reports, respond to traffic related complaints, and enforce vehicle violations when available. 

The Piedmont Police Department deploys two speed display trailers. These trailers help to alert drivers to their current speed and reduce speeds on certain streets where the trailers are deployed. To request a speed display trailer in your neighborhood, please complete the Speed Display Trailer Request Form (PDF). 


The Investigations Unit is made up of two full-time Detectives. Detectives perform follow-up investigations on crimes after an initial responding officer has conducted a preliminary criminal investigation, collected evidence and contacted potential witnesses. 

Detectives Follow-up investigations include contacting people to clarify facts, acquiring additional facts and/or evidence, facilitating technical and laboratory work, and insuring accurate and thorough documentation has occurred. Finally, the Detectives work closely with the Alameda County District Attorneys' Office in the prosecution of criminal complaints.
Detectives receive cross training in a wide variety of criminal investigations.

Questions involving active investigations should be directed to the Detective assigned to your case. You may reach the Investigation Unit at (510) 420-3013. 

Juvenile Officer

The responsibility of the Juvenile Officer include being a liaison with the Piedmont Unified School District on school-related issues where the Police Department can provide assistance, investigating citywide crimes involving juveniles, reducing tobacco product consumption, and providing education and outreach on a wide variety of law enforcement issues related to the children of our community. The Juvenile Officer works a floating schedule to best serve the youth of our community.

Police Reserves

The Piedmont Police Reserves are recognized as an integral part of the Piedmont Police Department. Reserve Officers have the same mission, goals, and objectives in providing professional police services to the community and are required to have the same training as paid, full-time officers. 

Reserve Officers assigned to patrol duties must complete a field training program with an experienced police officer before they work alone. In addition to patrol duties, Reserves perform crowd and traffic control, crime and accident scene investigations, special event support, and other duties as required. Reserves filling mandatory shifts are compensated. 

Interested candidates should contact the Reserve Coordinator, Sergeant Nicole Casalnuovo at (510) 420-3017. 

Animal Control  

The Piedmont Animal Control Officers are responsible for enforcement of all state laws and city ordinances related to animals, including:

  • Pick-up and transportation of sick or injured animals
  • Investigation of barking dog complaints or animal bites
  • Issuing citations or warnings for leash and licensing violations
  • Capturing feral cats
  • Investigating cases of animal cruelty

An Animal Control Officer is on-duty to issue dog licenses on Wednesdays between 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. Both the Dog License and Off-Leash Permit applications (PDF) are available online or at the Piedmont Police Department. A dog license may be obtained by mail. Mail the completed application with proof of vaccination from your veterinarian to the Piedmont Police Department at 403 Highland Avenue, Piedmont CA 94611. 

Dog owners must clean up after their dogs in ALL areas of the city. Litter disposal bags are available, free of charge, in each city park. 

All dogs in Piedmont must be leashed when in public, unless the pet has been issued an off-leash permit, allowing the dog to be off-leash in designated off-leash recreation areas. The only locations allowed for off-lease use are: Blair Park, Dracena Park off-leash area, and Piedmont Park off-leash area. 

For further information, or for animal services assistance, contact the Animal Control Officers at (510) 420-3006. For urgent animal assistance, call (510) 420-3000.

Parking Enforcement

Parking EnforcementThe Piedmont Police Department employs two part-time Parking Enforcement Officers to enforce California Vehicle Code and City of Piedmont Municipal Code violations related to the unlawful parking of vehicles.

The most common violations enforced include red zone violations, disabled parking violations, time limit violations, 72-hour violations, and permit zone parking violations.

Action taken by Parking Enforcement Officers include warnings, citations, and towing of vehicles. Parking violations are enforced by Police Officers or Animal Control Officers when Parking Enforcement Officers are not on duty.

Please call the Piedmont Police Department at (510) 420-3000 to report illegally parked vehicles.

Community Service Officers

The specialized, part-time Community Service Officers (CSOs) perform a wide variety of support functions within the police department. These functions include assistance to police officers with a wide range of responsibilities in support of safety and community service.  Some of the primary responsibilities for CSOs include: 

  • Property and evidence management
  • Parking enforcement
  • Investigation of park and/or athletic field use violations
  • Fingerprint scans
  • Traffic control

The CSOs may be given other related duties as assigned. 

(510) 420-3000