Station Tours and Birthday Parties 

Station Tours

Everyone is welcome in this house! The Piedmont firefighters pride themselves on being friendly, approachable, and available for not only emergencies but all the curious kids and adults in our community. The Piedmont Fire Department also recognizes the importance of safety education especially with young persons.

Group Tours and Safety Presentations

We are proud to work with local schools, day cares and community groups that are interested in touring the firehouse and having some of our firefighters do a fire safety presentation. Tours for groups are typically scheduled during weekday mornings and last about 40 minutes but we are happy to adjust timing and topics to meet your groups needs. 
Community Services

Birthday Tours

We also remember what it was like to be young and amazed by big trucks, loud sirens and flashing lights. If your youngster would like to visit the firehouse as part of their birthday celebration, we would love to have them and their friends stop by. We might even be able to let the birthday girl or boy sound the siren and squirt water from the fire hose!

To schedule a school tour or birthday visit please call (510) 420-3030 during weekday business hours and ask to speak with an on-duty officer. Reservations are best made three to four weeks ahead of time so we can let you know what our schedule will allow. Also keep in mind that we remain on duty at all times, so there is a chance that your tour might get interrupted by an emergency.