Wildfire Readiness

Know How to Get Accurate Information

In an emergency, information can change rapidly. Take a few minutes today to ensure that we can reach you in an emergency, and that you know how to find reliable information from safety officials.

  • AC Alert: Piedmont and Alameda County public safety officials use AC Alert to send warnings and instructions during an emergency. Sign up at acalert.org.
  • Genasys Protect: Bookmark protect.genasys.com/ on your computer and phone. In an emergency, responders will use this site to post real-time, location-specific evacuation instructions and updates.

Have a go-bag ready

Everyone in your household should have a go-bag ready with the items they’d need if they had to evacuate, like a map, cash, and a paper list of phone numbers for essential contacts. Make sure your go-bag is light enough to carry in case you need to leave your vehicle and evacuate on foot – a real possibility in a disaster.

Identify and practice evacuation routes

Think about what routes you would use to evacuate in a fire. Identify two routes away from your home by car and two by foot. Mark them on the map you keep in your go-bag.

For driving routes, focus on main roads that connect with major streets and highways. Bigger roads with more capacity are less likely to get blocked during an evacuation.

Review and practice your evacuation routes with your household, carrying your go-bags with you. Regular practice ensures everyone will know what to do in an emergency, when you must act quickly.