New online permitting system launches December 12
Posted on 12/12/2023

Online permitting system for planning and building permits launches December 12

Published December 4, 2023 | Updated December 5, 2023

The City of Piedmont will launch a new online permitting system for planning, building, and public works permits on Tuesday, December 12. The system, called eTRAKiT, will serve as a “one-stop shop” for all permit-related activities, allowing community members to apply for and check the status of permits at their convenience, anytime, anywhere.

Starting December 12, the City will no longer accept paper or email applications for most planning, building, and public works permit types. Additionally, all inspections will be scheduled through eTRAKiT.

Online permitting brings convenience and transparency to permit process

The new system aims to enhance customer service by streamlining the permitting process, speeding application review, and providing new transparency into the status of pending applications.

Through eTRAKiT, applicants will be able to:

  • Apply for permits
  • Submit plans and other application materials
  • View comments from City reviewers
  • Track status of permit applications
  • Schedule inspections
  • Pay fees

To ease the transition to online permitting, the City is providing a menu of options for applicants to get help:

  • Instructions for using eTRAKiT and permit-specific guidance will be available on the City website starting December 11.

  • Staff will be available via phone to assist with new permit applications.

  • There will be two application kiosks available at City Hall for those who need hands-on assistance setting up an account and submitting applications.

eTRAKiT launch follows years of behind-the-scenes work to improve permit application processes

The launch of eTRAKiT marks the culmination of nearly two years of work to modernize the City’s permitting processes. The first phase of this project was completed in July 2023, when the Planning & Building Department transitioned to new back-end software for managing and processing permits.

The new eTRAKiT portal is the public-facing end of this same tool, meaning that staff and applicants will be working on permit applications in the same real-time system for the first time. With all permit activity on both sides happening in one place, the City will be able to make more efficient use of staff time, eliminate redundancies, and reduce reliance on paper-based records.

The City expects that the new system will allow us to further speed permit processing, which has improved significantly over the past two years. The average time to process building permits is now 2-4 weeks for small projects and 5-8 weeks for large projects, reduced from nearly 16 weeks at peak backlog during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

eTRAKiT is used by 60 cities and counties across California.

For questions about eTRAKiT, please call (510) 420-3050 or email [email protected].