Commissions & Committees

The City of Piedmont receives advice from several advisory bodies, focusing on specific subject areas, including, parks, budget, public safety, recreation, and planning, among others. Each of these bodies provides recommendations to the Council on policies and projects, and some make decisions on matters specifically delegated to them. Meetings of commissions and committees are open to the public and the agenda for each meeting is published in advance, in accordance with the provisions of the Brown Act.

Residents volunteer their time to serve on Commissions and Committees for terms which are generally three years in length. Most terms begin on April 1st of each year. Applications are generally accepted and interviews conducted in March of each year. Those wishing to serve are required to fill out an application and participate in a mandatory interview with the City Council, which makes the appointments. 

Click to view the All City Roster, which contains the names and term information for all Commissions and Committees.